New issue: Psicología, Conocimiento y Sociedad Journal


New issue: Psicología, Conocimiento y Sociedad Journal

This new issue is published in a special year, in which the Faculty of Psychology celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary. Psicología, Conocimiento y Sociedad (PCS) joins the celebrations by organizing an academic event: "Academic Journals in the Latin American Context, Debates and Perspectives", which will take place on August 6 and 7 in our institution. In addition, we are celebrating that Faculty of Psychology Board approved the creation of this journal ten years ago, on May 13, 2009, designating María Ana Folle and María José Bagnato as editorial managers.

Since then, PCS has experienced continuous growth, sustaining the commitment and challenges of an open access publishing project from South America, without neglecting the search for increasing levels of quality improvement in editorial processes. This implied, among other things, the recent strengthening of our anti-plagiarism policy.

We invite the academic community to read our current issue, Volume 9, Number 1 (May-October 2019). It is composed of twelve articles, nine of them included in the Original Works section and three in the Revisions section. The contributions come from different countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, Norway, Peru and Uruguay.

We hope you all find innovative and interesting contributions for your researches and professional work. We remind you that we have the Letters to the Editor Board section where critical contributions to articles are published, as long as they involve advances, novelties or scientific discussions about them.

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