Theory and practice for a critical community psychology in the UK

Mark Hal Burton, Carolyn Kagan


Over the last 30 years we have developed an approach to "Critical Community Psychology", that aims to be locally focussed but globally aware. Characteristics that distinguish it from other approaches in community and critical psychology include 1) the concept of prefigurative action, which relates work with local projects and initiatives to a wider project of principled social change, 2) an understanding of community that reflects its contested nature and lived diversity, 3) a priority for working with those most oppressed or excluded by dominant power systems, 4) ecological and systems thinking which includes our own distinctive use of boundary, edge and the ethic of stewardship, 5) use of a wide repertoire of methods and theories adequate to the variety of problem contexts community psychologists can encounter. We also offer critical reflections on our approach.

Palabras clave

Psicología comunitaria, acción prefigurativa, comunidad contestada, metáfora ecológica.

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